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Feast And Fetes

Chef Daniel Boulud and Managing Director Jean-Christophe Le Picart are longtime partners in Feast and Fêtes, widely respected as one of the very best in the field of fine catering. Together they offer you a rare synergy of culinary art, decades of experience, creative vision, and flawless organization.

Feast and Fêtes is available to orchestrate events either in your home or a venue of your choice in New York City and beyond. We bring you the signature dishes DANIEL, themed menus of Café Boulud, the charcuterie of Bar Boulud and even the famous burgers of DB Bistro Moderne. Our 80+ chefs take pride in preparing these specialties for you and are also happy to accommodate all and any culinary requests that will help you brand your event as a personal and unique statement of your own entertaining style.

We take pride in working closely with you and to tailor your event to your budget, paying particular attention to provide value in all our services. Each celebration we create is highly customized and comes with our hands on efforts to guide you in allocating the appropriate amounts for every aspect of your party. Our goal is to assure your every dollar is well spent.

Following over 15 years of experience, Feast and Fêtes  has become a New York icon, with the events we cater making their distinctive mark on the city’s social scene. According to our notably high marks in the Zagat Survey: “…taking any Fête over the top…surprisingly affordable for the quality” rated in the category “Extraordinary to Perfection”.

Jean-Christophe Le Picart, President

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